Fireweed Press featured books

Alice D'Alessio: Walking the Tracks

Walking the Tracks


Alice D'Alessio

$15.00, 2016
ISBN 978-1-878660-33-6

“This is definitely a book that should be read for story and for craft.”

-- Ralph Murre, Poet Laureate for Door County, Wisconsin


Richard Swanson: Slow and Other Poems

Slow and Other Poems


Richard Swanson

$15.00, 2016
ISBN 978-1-878660-34-3

“Witty and wry, poet Richard Swanson is a master observer of the human landscape.”

-- Bruce Dethlefsen, Wisconsin Poet Laureate Emeritus

Nancy Jacobsen: Night Leaves Its Door Open

Night Leaves
Its Door Open


Nancy Jacobsen

$15.00, 2014
ISBN 1-878660-32-2

"Nancy has both humor and wisdom at her command."

-- Lenore Coberly


For I am Mountainborn

For I Am Mountainborn


Lenore McComas Coberly

$15.00, 2014
ISBN 978-1-878660-29-9

"I have been utterly swept away by Lenore McComas Coberly's beautiful poems."

-- Lee Smith

The Unspoken Word

The Unspoken Word


Fran Rall

$10.00, 2014
ISBN 978-1-878660-31-2

"Over the years, Fran’s poems have added wisdom, wit and whimsy to many Mind’s Eye Radio Programs (WORT)."

-- Kelly Warren, Producer

Paparazzi Moments

Paparazzi Moments


Richard Swanson

$12.00, 2013

"In the comic traditions of  Karl Shapiro, John Berryman and Charles Sumic... a satiric excursion full of fun and insight."